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Automated AST reader and analyser

About product

Quick and precise measuring of inhibitive zones

Functional description

Bacmed ASTQuick and precise measuring of inhibitive zones

Integrated 18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, 2D barcode reader (Data Matrix), LED – field llumination, 0.05 mm precision vector analyse in below 50 milliseconds.


Interpretation based on EUCAST,CLSI or any other custom breakpoint set

System supports definition of multiple breakpoint sets with assigned priority. Local science advisor can create own breakpoint library with data specific for a laboratory, missing breakpoints will be taken from library with lower priority, e.g. CLSI standard.


One-click kontrol

Entire measuring procedure is reduced to loading sample and “read” button click. Barcode assigned to AST test will manage data required for rest of the analysis; Usual length of this procedure is 6-8 seconds.


Orientational MIC calculation

Automatic calculation of MIC value offers additional resources for further therapy decision. Used calculation method was approved by US-FDA 510(k) and British BSAC control procedures.

Bacmed AST

Image documentation for scientific and forensic purposes

All tests are now stored both in PACS system and database, offering fast and easy to use review of past samples. Documentation doesn't extend time required for analysis.

Besides automated measuring mode, system also offers possibility of manual "any sample" documentation.