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Epidemology expert system

About product

Unique tool for samples match marking, based on AST susceptibility fingerprints.

Functional description

Unique tool for samples match marking, based on AST susceptibility fingerprints.

Using basic assumption, that each strain, in certain amount of generations, keeps same or very similar characteristics in AST discs interactions, allows system to create fingerprints for each strain – and so enables its tracking across various samples, patients or even departments.

We can never be 100% sure of a transfer, as mutations may occur randomly and anytime. But even after considering such an option, this tool gives lots of points for further investigation...

Epidemology expert system

Tracking incidence of similar strains, warning in case of possible transfer between patients.

Let the numbers talk first. Even after we admit that part of th conclusion is a dead end, recent studies confirm over 85% patient-to-patient transfers on over 3.000 samples. Considering massive amount of data to be analyzed, yet again, system was designed to create reports “on the fly”. In numbers – match marking of 1.000 samples requires below 1 minute of analisis, including side statistics.

System also creates strains and Phenotypes overview report for departments – stand alone or grouped by any custom key.

In-Depth Expert Analysis (IDEA) is meant to be an additional service that laboratories offer primarily to hospitals, or any other bigger health care facilities. As it doesn’t require additional expensive tests and related expenses, it’s also considered as very effective competitive advantage among microbiology laboratories.

Of course other common statistics, such as antibacterial resistance reports and trend analysis are included as part of the system.